App Icons

App Icon different device sizes

For this design challenge, we had to design an App Icon for a water park locator without using words. I tried to keep it as simple as possible, so the waves and figure were created with only the line and brush tools.

The icon depicts a diver about to plunge into water. I wanted the icon to remind me of summer, when I would visit such places,  so I chose orange and blue for the sun and water respectively. I added a gradient to the background to show the sun fading as the figure is about to hit the water.


Animated eCard

My message for this animation is to have fun! I enjoyed tweaking each one of these to make it move in a different way.

The audience for this E-Card is for fans of winter and also those who appreciate humor.

The most difficult part of this project was placing each image in the right frame at the precise time. For instance, the snow was falling too slow and the other images were moving too fast, so I added additional frames to match the current speed.

Happy Holidays - Animated E-Card


Layer Comps

This is a Good Luck E-Card. It has 3 layer comps put together to produce the card. It is targeted towards all the democrats claiming that they will move to Canada depending on the result of the election. My goal was to give it an unrealistic feel.


For my 1st Layer Comp, I warped some text and placed a warped Canadian flag inside over a gray background.

overlay of canadian flag on text

For my second layer Comp, I took  a bottle of maple syrup, warped it slightly, added a label and placed it in the background to appear as a building.


For my 3rd Layer Comp, I took a photo view of downtown Toronto, warped it to almost give off a snow globe vibe, and changed the saturation and hue to make it seem unreal.

hazy city

I also used a clipping mask to free a moose statue below to add to the humor.

Original images:

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Dream Event Flyer and Web Banner

The challenge for this project was to create a  flyer and web banner.  I gave the flyer a fun aspect, adding stoplight buttons to highlight activities.

Town & Country Wine Festival 11-17-16

Wine Festival for aficionados & newcomers alike!

For the web banner I made the buttons larger for readability and added a drop shadow to the title to make it stand out more.

The most difficult challenge I faced in this project was masking the grapes. At the time I was unfamiliar with the tool and ran out of time, so it looks choppy.

Wine Festival Web Banner

Web banner

Photo Restoration

For this project I colorized this Star Trek poster. I mainly used a brush tool and primary colors to achieve this.

This is the orignal image


colorized image


The 2nd part of the project was to restore a photo. I removed the holes, used noise filters, changed the the color/contrast, applied the clone stamp tool to areas missing content and sharpened the image.

Original image